Campfire Ban effective Friday July 12th noon

Burn Houses

Every once in a blue moon the Quadra Island Fire Department is lucky enough to have an entire residential building donated to them to use for practice. These are usually old homes that the owners are looking to have torn down anyways. When we get these homes to practice in we get to hone our many skills in fire fighting and also get to practice in many different varieties of home sizes and layouts. We have had a number of homes in the past where we trained in for months, right up until the day when we fully burn it down to the ground. We thought it would be fun to share some of the footage we got from our latest two burn houses.

Walker Rd - February 3, 2018

This home was approximately 2,000 sqft and was donated by Mark & Karen Nighswander. This building had five exposures that were protected during the final burn. The video was captured from the ground and with drones in the air. Thank you to Mike Morellato and Sean Fenzl, from Strategic Natural Resources Consultants, for capturing and editing the video.


Gowlland Harbour Rd - April 12, 2014

This home was approximately 1,800 sqft and was given to us by Dale Kashuba.


Interested in Donating a Home?

Would you like to see your old home used in our practices? Then feel free to send us an email via our contact page. Before you do though, make sure your home meets the following criteria.

  1. Has to be a wood frame house.
  2. Has to be far away from any neighbours.
  3. Has to have easy access.
  4. Has to be in fairly good condition and safe for us to use.
  5. Ideally we want to be able to use the house for at least 8 months of training before we burn it down.


However, please note that even if the house passes all the criteria it's still up to the Quadra Island Fire Chief to decide if we will use the house or not.

Current Fire Hazard

Burn Ban In Effect

Backyard burns are currently prohibited on Quadra Island.

Campfire Ban

Campfires are currently prohibited on Quadra Island.